Making a great record can be achieved by capturing the best performance possible, using great sounding sources running through great cables, mics, preamps, outboard compressors, EQ’s, a console, A/D converters and monitored by the best studio-grade speaker system that your money can buy.

This blog is about DTH recording studio in Moscow, and we are a bunch of musicians who decided to build as studio and to push the moscow scene as far as we can. As musicians who also run a recording studio, we understand the difficulties of making, recording, performing and promoting new music. Budgets are tight, the landscape of the music industry has rapidly changed in the last 10 years, and most people don’t buy music anymore. Music in this century it’s a hard endeavour and we must adapt to a newly built music market, however, here we are, and always will be, humans dearing and wanting to make new music.

Given our experience as musicians and record makers, we would like to make the following recommendations to the people are about to journey into the world of recording in a studio:


PLAY LIKE GODS >> The studio space is to record, not to learn your parts. If your performance is not amazing, we can’t really make the record sound like you dream. Make sure that you’re playing like gods before you enter to the studio and that you have the maximum number of rehearsals possible. Our engineers can go to your rehearsals to check you out before the recording and to give you advice or opinion.

FIND OUT ABOUT HOW YOUR FAVOURITE RECORDS WERE MADE >> go to youtube and google, read/watch info about your favourite music. You will quickly realize that most records you love were recorded with a good amount of time, consideration to detail, care, dedication and resources. Think about the recording you’d like to make and work hard towards making it in the best circumstances possible. The amount of resources and time you put into your project will greatly affect the result.

USE THE METRONOME ((UNLESS YOU HAVE A CLEAR ARTISTIC REASON NOT TO)) >> Many bands tend to fall into the fallacy of “we play better without metronome because we dance around the tempo and it feels natural”. This is not necessarily the case because when you play to a metronome, you will never play exactly to the grid, and you can always “dance around” a fixed metronome anyways.  Practice your instrument with metronome and make sure you have rehearsals with metronome too. Experiment different tempos and force yourself to the limits of both slow and fast to see where your song should naturally sit. Having a pro tools project attached to a specific tempo map helps a lot further down the road when the material is being mixed and for further production.

GATHER RESOURCES >> Your recordings will remain forever and they are snapshots of your life till that moment. They are worth your work and dedication. Consider recording as an investment in your life and gather the resources necessary to do as well as you can. Make sure you gather a budget for a good time in the studio, and also consider buying new drum skins, new guitar strings, pizza deliveries and all the elements that a good recording requires.

CONSIDER SOME MUSICAL LESSONS >> Other people can offer you shortcuts that can help you and the more you think about a certain topic, the further you will reach with your explorations. Either if it’s just a couple of lessons, or a long term learning project, consider the option of seeing someone who may have more experience playing your instrument than you. The idea is that after each recording, you come out as a better musician and a more experienced person can really help to consolidate that. Below we offer a list of instructors that are connected to our community that we strongly recommend if you’d like to raise your game!

SOLVE MOST MUSICAL QUESTIONS BEFORE THE STUDIO TIME >> Compositions can grow a lot in the studio, however, having a clear map of what we are going to record really helps the process to flow towards the goal.

UNDERSTAND YOUR SOUND >> Find relevant references of what you are looking for. This will help our staff to understand how to approach to your recording. Pay special attention to elements like snare tones, guitar tones and bass tones and learn the words necessary to describe your sound to the engineer you’re working with.

FIND THE BEST INSTRUMENTS POSSIBLE OR USE OURS AT THE STUDIO >> The use of better instruments will affect the resolution of the elements in the later mixing / mastering stages. Work to find the best instruments you possibly can find. If you don’t own them, ask around, or use the instruments available at our studio. Also try to bring different options. Comparing / combining usually yields great results.

MAKE SURE YOUR INSTRUMENTS ARE IN TUNE AND WELL SERVICED >> Check the tuning at the octaves of your bass and guitar across the fretboard and compare them. Contact a guitar master if required to make sure your instruments are in good shape. Below this text you will find the details of a Moscow Based a guitar master that we love and trust.

IF YOU WANT TO BRING YOUR AMPS, MAKE SURE THEY ARE OK >> we also provide below the contacts of our Amp master that can help you to answer any questions if you have.


HAVE FUN >> Recording is a great joy, it’s way to crystallize your musical idea into a three dimensional concept that we all can listen. Have fun while you’re doing it! When you book at a recording studio, you’re booking all their instruments, space and time. Feel free to move around, play , ask questions, tell your stories, hear our stories and to enjoy every second of your time at our recording studio.



BUY A LOT OF NEW STRINGS >> Ideally, a fresh pack of strings per song will make a difference, if not, try to buy as many as possible and administer them wisely.

FIGHT ALWAYS FOR THE BEST TAKE POSSIBLE >> don’t leave it “for editing later” or be afraid of working over hours, your recording needs the best performance possible.
ADMINISTER WELL YOUR FORCES >> The better your body/soul configuration is, the better you will perform. Make a logical plan with the engineer you will work with and sleep as much as you can during the recording days. Eat well, do anything you need to keep you in a great soul state. We need you focused, happy and thinking about every note and beat.


REPAIR / TUNE YOUR INSTRUMENTS >> Sergey Makhno >> ((FB)) ((+79096636877))

REPAIR / TUNE YOUR TUBE AMPS >> Yury Bolotov >> FB ((FB)) ((+79035479590))


Timur Gandaev ((VK)) ((+79032931451))

Dmitry Pereverten ((VK)) ((+79265965946 ))

Artem Bely ((VK)) ((+79163215985))



Leonid Nikonov ((VK)) ((+79645727213))

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